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Under the Black Flag

#MeToo for Me, But Not for Thee

As everyone who has not been in total coronavirus quarantine knows, Harvey Weinstein was recently condemned to death for sexually assaulting six Hollywood wannabes. Actually, he was given 23 years in prison, but in view of his 67 years of age, it would have been far more dramatic and fitting for the former Hollywood film producer—and no more fatal—had the judge simply sentenced him to death.

Following his sentencing, the women who had testified against Harvey had their day in the sun. They were all interviewed on television and took the opportunity to gloat over his fall. Their facial expressions during these victory laps appeared to convey joy, happiness, and satisfaction that justice had been done. Alas, I am old enough to know better. Call me cynical if you like, but had Harvey paid these women and paid through the nose, their smiles would be shining even brighter off camera, and he’d still be walking around free—of that, I am sure.

Be that as it may, had he done to my daughter what he did to those women, I’d be up in front of a judge instead—for murder. Except that my daughter would never have put herself in a situation like those of the plaintiffs—but then she’s not in show business. Casting in Hollywood has always involved quid pro quo, and perhaps now things will actually change. But I doubt it. “Do you REALLY want the part?” will become the catchphrase, and all the things that go with that understanding.

Human nature does not change, at least not where Hollywood types are concerned. Hypocrisy, not talent, is the number one commodity in Tinseltown. For confirmation, simply listen to the utter drivel expressed daily by the trained seals who pass for artists nowadays. They’ve learned to bark on command platitudes of concern for the poor, for racism, climate change, the handicapped, empowered women, LGBTQ rights, or whatever a Hollywood acceptance speech script requires.

Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention the oppression of defenseless cows! That was a new one brought up by the moronic, inarticulate, and obviously brain-damaged Joaquin Phoenix while accepting an academy award for his role in an unwatchable superhero movie.

For all their apparent concern, our celebrities seem more focused on who commits injustice than injustice itself. They are eager to condemn anyone who says anything perceived as mildly offensive to the aforementioned causes and victim groups. Anything or anyone outside this sanctioned circle of concern is ignored by the woke brigades with their burnished morals and burning zeal to expose oppression.

Just one case in point may serve to show the trend: the abuse of poor white girls by Asian men in the north of England. The victims of these “grooming gangs” are in the hundreds, and they are traumatized, broken, raped, used, and abused, and not a single trained seal on either side of the Atlantic has dared bring their plight into the light. No actor’s trophy has been dedicated to them, no author has mentioned them while accepting an award, and no celebrity has asked for justice. The girls remain nonpersons in what used to be one of the most civilized countries on the planet.

The reason for the silence from our Oprah Winfrey types is easy to guess. The perpetrators have all been Pakistani men who cry racism at a raindrop, and as we all know, it rains a hell of a lot over in that tight little island. Mind you, five men finally have been tried and convicted. But this is a pittance after years of police and court officials refusing to prosecute, in fact turning a blind eye to the outrage. In total the men got 55 years, which means about 10 years each, less than half of what “Uncle Harvey” got.

According to reports, 57 young girls were thought to have been exploited by up to 100 Asian members of a gang, and both the police and social workers knew what was happening. Under the dreaming spires of Oxford, three Asian men were jailed for raping and sexually abusing a schoolgirl of 13, but none of the usual suspects that demonstrate at the drop of a hat appeared to denounce these rapists. Where were the social justice warrior students? You know, the ones who once booed me off the stage at Oxford Union for telling a 400-pound African American student who claimed she almost starved to death following Hurricane Katrina that she could do with a bit of a diet?

How these grooming gangs operate with such impunity in so many British cities is a huge, ongoing scandal. Had these victims been black schoolgirls targeted by a bunch of white men, there would be bloody riots in the streets, the government would fall, and Hollywood would suspend filming for an afternoon of silence. The true racists are the media, and the celebrities the media enables, for refusing to make a big deal out of these outrages. The injustices against the privileged #MeToo women, bad as they are, pale in comparison.

Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki Theodoracopulos is a writer living in New York, London, and Gstaad. In addition to his long-running High Life column in The Spectator, Taki writes Under the Black Flag for each number of Chronicles, and publishes Taki’s Magazine, a webzine.

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