May, Macron—TRUMP

Immediately after Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France in May 2017, progressive Americans fairly swooned with envy.  If only they could have a president like M. Macron: young, handsome, progressive, cosmopolitan, polished, globally minded and dedicated to the European Union’s dream of uniting all of Europe into a single state!  And Mrs. May across the Channel: not nearly so charismatic, rather bland in fact, but—as time passed especially—how committed, in her ladylike way, to understanding the plight of Brussels from whom the United Kingdom had been bloodily hacked away!  How eager to see Brexit sympathetically, through their own eyes—unlike the great Cyclops across the ocean with his one great eye fixed on the United States and the nation’s interests, the ungentlemanly bully who humiliated the PM in her own country on his very first visit there, while poised to destroy his own country by his untutored but aggressive ineptitude!  Oh, woe is America, woe are Americans! . . .

Look now: As 2018 expires, the Emperor Emmanuel has an approval rating of 21 percent, compared with Trump’s 46 or 47; while Theresa May wrecked her premiership early on by the botched election she called in 2017 to enhance her majority and ensure the success of her mandate to deliver Brexit and restore her legal and political sovereignty at home and abroad, thus allowing the country to find her...

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